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Sofia Philosophical Review is a peer reviewed journal indexed by The Philosopher's Index and by the MLA International Bibliography.   ISSN 1313-275X

Alexander L. Gungov, Editor, Professor Dr., St. Kliment Ohridski University of Sofia

Dr. John McSweeney, Associate Editor     (Vol. VI, No. 2 on), Cork, Irelend

Karim Mamdani, Book Review Editor, Independent Scholar residing in North America and Europe

Dr. Kristina Stoeckl, International Editor, Assistant Professor and leader of the project Postsecular Conflicts, Department of Sociology, University of Innsbruck, Austria

Peter S. Borkowski, Former Associate Editor (Vol. I, No. 1 - Vol. VI, No. 1), Assistant Professor Dr., Ifrane University

Sofia Philosophical Review  accepts papers in the fields of Social, Political, and Moral Philosophy, Continental Philosophy in general and Philosophy of Medicine.

The SPhR is associated with the Graduate Program in Philosophy Taught in English, at Sofia University:



SPhR cooperates with SPEP:


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Besides the Editors the journal's staff includes:

Diana Zankova, Administrator of the SPhR’s web page within the SU web site;

Aglika Gungova, cover Designer.